Monday, January 17, 2011

Met these people at a local bar (I'm the guy in the brown shirt).

Which one starred in Half Baked and The Chappelle Show?
Leave your comments below.

Awesome looking shot, and not bad tasting.

This shot has many names; brain hemorrhage, monkey brain, aborted fetus.... the list goes on. I bartend, and on nights when it's kinda slow, these are my favorite shots to make.
-How to make them-
1. Get a shot glass (tall preferably)
2. Pour an ounce of peach schnapps 
3. Tricky part* Tilt the shot glass at a 45 degree angle, get your bottle of Baileys and SLOWLY pour it on the glass. If you pour too fast it will NOT layer and just look chunky.
4. Lastly, put the shot glass upright and slowly drip grenadine on the Baileys.

Finished product will come out looking like the picture. they look awesome and have a fruity taste. Enjoy.

Snow people...... Doing the dirty?

When life gives you snow, turn it into a perverted scene...... Building it in your front yard, not advised. Neighbors will be angry.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Who needs photoshop?

This is my creation, who needs photoshop when you have a newspaper and a pen?

These are not mine, but I wish I could claim them.

Let's see what you got. Post them in the comment down below.
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Some life tips, put them to use.

When in doubt, pull it out.

If you have to choose between drinking and driving, drink. Read further for how to get home.

A used condom is better than no condom.

If she looks like a skank, and acts like a skank, she's probably carrying more diseases than known.... Which is why there is double wrapping.

If you start noticing that ugly girl in the corner seems like she's nice and kinda pretty, you've probably had a few too many.

Two dogs doing it is considered porn, but it's still frowned upon if watched.

If at the end of the night you don't have a chick, then get the ugly one from the corner that you passed up earlier and have her take your drunk ass home. Then rail her and leave the regrets till the next day.

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Welcome, you're about to learn some stuff that will not change your life.

Getting to know this random guy.

I play the guitar
I work as a bartender
I totally stay away from country music
I made a B in spanish because I cheated
I love the water
I like to walk in the rain alone(dont know why but it's relaxing)
I hate walking around right after a rain
I prefer to jog in hot weather than nice weather
I am somewhat of a clean freak
I can't have any lights on in my room when I'm asleep, even like the little light on the radio

I can't have any noise in my room, at night
I actually enjoy looking at paintings, well good ones
I can't draw/paint at all
I don't like people who walk slow
I don't like people who stand in door ways and talk
I don't like people who yell alot
I don't like people who try to get me to eat stuff, even when I say no

I don't like people who do stuff for no apparent reason, especially if it's stupid and they only do it because other people do it

I hate people who claim to know everything
I hate people who will argue for ever
I hate people that bug me even when they can tell that I'm already not feeling good

I saw a movie at the theaters twice, even though I hated it
I hate smelly people
I hate people who won't clean themselves
I hate people who are rude, especially at dinner
I hate people who mess with other people's food
I hate people who think they are so cool
I hate people that think that everyone likes them
I hate people who makes fun of someone and they themselves aren't any better

I always wonder if I will live past the age of 60
I wonder if I'll forget how to tie my shoe,

I wonder if I will lose my mobility and be a slow old person
I wonder if I'll ever need glasses
I always wonder what people think of me
I always like to find out what people think about me
I don't know why I like to know what people think
I follow a routine everyday
I set my alarm clock even on days I can sleep in
I hate when something out of my control goes wrong
I hate when stuff gets cancelled especially if it's about to happen
I see dead people... wait that's not me
I know that many people will not read hardly any of this
I hate when people makes fun of someone elses choice in music

I have spent 21 consecutive days in the hospital
I have been in the hospital for 24 days all together
I have had 2 broken bones
I have bruised my kidney
I have had 1 concussion
I have split my head open twice(not splitting the bone, just the skin)
I have been ran over by a truck right across the stomach(I was a little kid)
I have bruised my heel bone flat landing on a rock to rock jump

----------------------Not so violent-------------------------
 I was tiny tim in that one play
I have gotten my car up to a speed most of you have never been(except for the 3 other people who were in my car)
I cook just about every meal that I eat
I have a schedule of when I eat and what I eat
I get checked out of school sometimes just to go to the gym and workout
I eat some of the weirdest combonations of food
I have food that some people have never even heard about
I was born on St. Patricks day
I thank my parents every birthday that they didnt name me Patrick
I have been thrown out of a sled onto grass going 40mph being towed behind a truck
I constantly think about running away and moving to the mountains(I have a good life but always liked the serenity that the wilderness brought)
I only like to fly fish, not the other ways
I wore rubber boots all the time when I was a little kid
I have a scar on my back that I cannot remeber how it got there
I get REALLY grumpy if I dont eat
I'm not afraid of heights
I'm not afraid of the dark
I'm not afriad of most animals
I'm deathly afraid of weird people
I don't like hippies
I do however follow some of the hippies' ideas
I still enjoy building sand castles
I came 5in from breaking a pelvic bone jumping off a waterfall

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