Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome, you're about to learn some stuff that will not change your life.

Getting to know this random guy.

I play the guitar
I work as a bartender
I totally stay away from country music
I made a B in spanish because I cheated
I love the water
I like to walk in the rain alone(dont know why but it's relaxing)
I hate walking around right after a rain
I prefer to jog in hot weather than nice weather
I am somewhat of a clean freak
I can't have any lights on in my room when I'm asleep, even like the little light on the radio

I can't have any noise in my room, at night
I actually enjoy looking at paintings, well good ones
I can't draw/paint at all
I don't like people who walk slow
I don't like people who stand in door ways and talk
I don't like people who yell alot
I don't like people who try to get me to eat stuff, even when I say no

I don't like people who do stuff for no apparent reason, especially if it's stupid and they only do it because other people do it

I hate people who claim to know everything
I hate people who will argue for ever
I hate people that bug me even when they can tell that I'm already not feeling good

I saw a movie at the theaters twice, even though I hated it
I hate smelly people
I hate people who won't clean themselves
I hate people who are rude, especially at dinner
I hate people who mess with other people's food
I hate people who think they are so cool
I hate people that think that everyone likes them
I hate people who makes fun of someone and they themselves aren't any better

I always wonder if I will live past the age of 60
I wonder if I'll forget how to tie my shoe,

I wonder if I will lose my mobility and be a slow old person
I wonder if I'll ever need glasses
I always wonder what people think of me
I always like to find out what people think about me
I don't know why I like to know what people think
I follow a routine everyday
I set my alarm clock even on days I can sleep in
I hate when something out of my control goes wrong
I hate when stuff gets cancelled especially if it's about to happen
I see dead people... wait that's not me
I know that many people will not read hardly any of this
I hate when people makes fun of someone elses choice in music

I have spent 21 consecutive days in the hospital
I have been in the hospital for 24 days all together
I have had 2 broken bones
I have bruised my kidney
I have had 1 concussion
I have split my head open twice(not splitting the bone, just the skin)
I have been ran over by a truck right across the stomach(I was a little kid)
I have bruised my heel bone flat landing on a rock to rock jump

----------------------Not so violent-------------------------
 I was tiny tim in that one play
I have gotten my car up to a speed most of you have never been(except for the 3 other people who were in my car)
I cook just about every meal that I eat
I have a schedule of when I eat and what I eat
I get checked out of school sometimes just to go to the gym and workout
I eat some of the weirdest combonations of food
I have food that some people have never even heard about
I was born on St. Patricks day
I thank my parents every birthday that they didnt name me Patrick
I have been thrown out of a sled onto grass going 40mph being towed behind a truck
I constantly think about running away and moving to the mountains(I have a good life but always liked the serenity that the wilderness brought)
I only like to fly fish, not the other ways
I wore rubber boots all the time when I was a little kid
I have a scar on my back that I cannot remeber how it got there
I get REALLY grumpy if I dont eat
I'm not afraid of heights
I'm not afraid of the dark
I'm not afriad of most animals
I'm deathly afraid of weird people
I don't like hippies
I do however follow some of the hippies' ideas
I still enjoy building sand castles
I came 5in from breaking a pelvic bone jumping off a waterfall

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  1. lol! will definitely be checking up on this blog for the lulz

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  3. Hey Random Guy!

    I finally found you.

    You're picture is being used by some Dutch spammer on his website/popup. this pop-up is bugging the hell out of me and is called "". roughly translated from dutch it says "moneymethods dot com". I hated this so much I decided to google the people in the images displayed on this popup

    I thought you should know. If he's making lots of money you should earn your share because he's using your picture. He ain't your dad is he?

    Have a good day.